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John Ellison


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John Ellison, American soul legend, founder, and lead singer of Soul Brothers Six, is the charismatic creator of the worldwide smash hit and R&B classic “Some Kind of Wonderful”. The book “Sweet Soul Music” by Peter Guralnick named the Soul Brothers Six and “Some Kind of Wonderful” as a major influence on the sound of modern music. The song was covered by more than 60 artists (e.g., Grand Funk Railroad, Joss Stone, Huey Lewis & the News, Buddy Guy, Conway Twitty, and many more), making it one of the most recorded songs in the history of music. John has played with, written for and performed alongside: Nina Simone, James Brown, Donna Summer, The Temptations, Wilson Pickett, Grand Funk Railroad, Huey Lewis & the News, Buddy Guy, Joss Stone and many more!


John’s songwriting proved more: e.g., in the UK the ballad “I’ll Be Loving You” is a popular soul gem, the song “Funky, Funky Way of Making Love” was featured in the movie "Lovelace", and Latimore recorded “You Can Count on Me”. After Soul Brother Six, John released several solo albums and has performed regularly throughout Europe, Asia and North America. John received no fewer than 5 lifetime BMI achievement awards and was inducted in the Music Hall of Fame. In 2012 Ellison released his autobiography, “Some Kind of Wonderful: The John Ellison Story”.


In this 2020 PopMi Music creative label release of “Wake-Up Call (Black Like Me)”, John Ellison speaks out up social injustice and racism in the U.S.A., asking for justice and change. In the “Wake-Up Call (No Strangers to Tragedy)” extended version of the single, John talks about some of his tragic family stories on racism in the U.S.A. to help people understand the urgency and context of his message. The renowned Pop Awards nominated "Wake-Up Call (Black Like Me)" in the category "Song of the year 2021". In 2023 on his 82nd birthday John releases a newly recorded version of the 1967 smash hit that he originally recorded with his band, Soul Brothers Six as the first single of his upcoming 2024 eponymous named album "Some Kind of Wonderful". And just prior to New Year’s Eve 2023, John released a second single “If I Had Just One Wish” which offers feel-good vibes for 2024 via a reggae groove and a luminous horn section. Ellison’s optimistic and hopeful wish calls for more love, peace and harmony in the new year despite rising tensions, wars and unrest. On 26 January 2024 the new album "Some Kind Of Wonderful" features 11 NEW songs including a remake of his classic hit available on all streaming platforms as well on CD and black and limited gold vinyl!

John Ellison impresses with his music and voice and is one of the few remaining soul and blues legends that have made an essential contribution to the development of blues, gospel, soul and funk music in a time of great social change. Despite his tragic family stories, John is all about positivity, harmony and unity, and his personal and professional life is living proof of hard struggle, faith and success. Life is truly "Some Kind of Wonderful!"


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